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Professional Cleaning Services in Columbia, SC

Carolina Kwik Dry is a professional commercial and residential cleaning service serving families in the Carolinas. Carolina Kwik Dry are the experts behind rental properties, commercial entities and residential properties. These targeted families are willing to pay a premium for the service because of the high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that we offer. Carolina Kwik Dry has worked hard to achieve a large percentage of loyal, repeat customers who regular use CKD, as well as being vocal to friends about the success they had with Carolina Kwik Dry.
Carpet Cleaning - Janitorial services in Columbia, SC


All of our technicians are well-trained to display professional service when providing customer service to our great customers.


Provide services in the manner that is most convenient to the customer, including arranging for visits when the owner is not home.


Concerns of possible theft and breakage is reduced or eliminated with our comprehensive technicians screening and training process.

Licensed & Insured

We carry insurance designed to cover any loss that the customer's properties may attribute to the company.